Why Rotational Molding

What is rotational molding and what are the benefits?

Rotational molding is, at its most basic form, putting plastic in a mold and then rotating and heating it so that it becomes the shape of the mold. Rotomolding technology has been continuously refined over the years and can now be used to quickly make intricate and precise products in a near infinite combination of shapes and sizes.

The Case for Plastic

Almost anything that can be done with fiberglass, wood, or steel can be done with rotomolded plastic. If you’re currently using other materials, consider making the switch. Plastic offers a number of benefits, including:

Durability: Plastic stands up to the elements, won’t corrode, and can take a beating without backing down.

Versatility: Rotomolded plastic can be made to accommodate most specifications. Thickness, size, and shape can all be tailored to meet the needs of the job.

Cost: Rotomolding can often get the job done cheaper than other materials without sacrificing quality or strength.

Speed: Since we make our molds in-house, we can get an item into production at unparalleled speeds.

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Rotational Molding